40 Hours for the Forty Acres raises more than 250% of goal


Gage Paine, vice president for student affairs, joins student organizations in raising money and awareness on the Main Mall during a special student event Thursday.


On Wednesday, the University launched its Second Annual 40 Hours for the Forty Acres campaign to engage our alumni, students, and friends in giving back. Our goal was to raise $140,000. At the end of the 40 hours, more than 2,000 of you had given more than $367,690 to deserving programs all across our campus.

Your gifts are making a difference. You’re providing high-tech simulation equipment at the School of Nursing and undergraduate scholarships at the Cockrell School of Engineering. You’re helping to renovate RecSports’ beloved Whitaker Fields and providing funds for Student Emergency Services and International Student and Scholar Services. More than 40 student organizations also participated, and you showed them how much you believe in their efforts by donating to the Communication Council, Voices Against Violence, Texas Rock Climbing, and many others.

I’m heartened by the support you continue to show for UT, and I’m especially proud of those students who made their first gift. Once again you have risen to the challenge and more than doubled the goal. Thank you for your generosity.

Hook ’em!

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Let’s make history, together.



It’s time for some straight talk. Today, we open the final chapter of this great undertaking we call the Campaign for Texas. We have one year left in an eight-year fundraising campaign, and we have reached 75 percent of our goal. It doesn’t take a UT mathematician to figure out that it’s crunch time.

Seven years ago, when my team and I set the goal at $3 billion, we knew we were taking a risk. But I also knew something else — that we’re Longhorns, and that Longhorns are a different breed. I knew that the bond between UT alumni and their alma mater is powerful — that alumni and friends have risen to meet one audacious challenge after another and have done whatever it took to keep this a university of the first class. I believed then — and I absolutely believe now — that we can do this, and that we will.

I can say it no more plainly: UT needs you, and it needs you now.

If you have given before, thank you, and please give again. If you haven’t given yet, join the team and be a part of this historic effort. Please watch this short video (that is sure to bring back a happy memory), then go to http://giving.utexas.edu/homestretch/ and make a gift today.

I know we can do this. Let’s make history, together.

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UT Austin breaks all-time fundraising record — Your support is more important than ever


This week, The University of Texas at Austin broke its all-time record for fundraising. With the help of alumni and friends, corporations and foundations, UT has raised more money in the current fiscal year than in any previous year — $396 million. And with three weeks left in the fiscal year, we may well break the previous record of $366 million (2007-08) by an even wider margin.

I’m so proud of our alumni, more than 49,000 of whom have given so far this year. I’m also grateful to the more than 35,500 individuals who are not alumni but have put their money on UT Austin, betting that we can change the world. In addition, we couldn’t have done it without the 2,629 corporations and record 304 foundations that have invested in us this year. I’m also very proud of our outstanding development staff, whose hard work and dedication brings more than a $1 million on average to the University every business day.

These record-level gifts will directly benefit our students, support game-changing research, and help us make UT Austin the top public research university in the nation.

Large gifts have made a huge difference. And this year they have included pledges of $50 million from the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation for the Dell Medical School and $25 million from Terry and Robert Rowling for a new graduate education building for the McCombs School of Business. But more than 90 percent of gifts were for less than $1,000. In addition, a record 208 individuals included a gift to UT Austin in their estate plans, totaling $76 million, the highest annual amount during the current campaign and the second-highest annual amount in UT history.

While we all should be immensely proud of this accomplishment, it’s not time to celebrate yet. The fact is, we need one more record year.

Seven years ago, we set a capital campaign goal three times larger than anything attempted before, $3 billion. The economy crashed, and headwinds rose up, but we kept our heading and forged ahead, and we now have raised about $2.2 billion. We are within striking distance of our goal, but before we can claim victory we will need one more extraordinary year, an effort that dwarfs anything we have seen so far. I know this is possible, and I ask every alumnus, friend, and fan of The University of Texas to be a part. If you have given before, please give again. If you haven’t given yet, join the team and be a part of this epic effort. Go to http://giving.utexas.edu/campaign/ and make a gift today.

We can do this. Let’s make history together.

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UT Austin raising funds at historic pace

Campus scenes 2012 McCombs, Union, Tower and flowers


The University of Texas at Austin has raised more than $300 million from donors during the current fiscal year, which does not end until Aug. 31. If it continues at the current pace, UT Austin will have its best fundraising year in history, surpassing the $366 million it raised in 2008.

I’m so grateful to our alumni and friends for the strategic investments they are making in UT Austin, and I’m very proud of the fundraising team we have in place that is succeeding so dramatically during these still-challenging economic times. I know we can reach our goal, and when we do, those funds will fuel UT’s ascent to the top tier of global public higher education.

Highlights of this year’s efforts include:

  • UT Austin has raised $302 million year-to-date compared with $222 million at this point last year.
  • The amount of total alumni giving year-to-date has virtually doubled, from approximately $87 million to $174 million.
  • Gifts from estates have increased year-to-date by more than 150 percent, the result of increased efforts to encourage planned gifts when supporters write their wills.
  • UT Austin has collected more than $1 million, on average, every business day in donations.
  • The University has received more than 123,000 gifts made this fiscal year.

Major gifts and pledges contributing to this year’s success have included:

  • $50 million from the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation for the creation of the Dell Medical School at UT Austin
  • $25 million from the Robert Rowling Family toward the construction of a new building for graduate studies at the McCombs School of Business
  • Five estate gifts of $5 million or more

The numbers bode well for the “Campaign for Texas,” the University’s ambitious $3 billion, eight-year capital campaign. Only two other public universities in the United States are attempting to raise $3 billion, the University of California-Berkeley and the University of Virginia.

To date, UT Austin has raised more than $2.1 billion for the campaign. Before the “Campaign for Texas,” the most successful capital campaign in the state was UT Austin’s “We’re Texas” campaign of the late 1990s, which raised $1.6 billion.

Thank you, and Hook ’em Horns!

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New video for Campaign for Texas

I want to share with you an impressive new video that celebrates the immense impact the campaign is already having on our students, faculty, and campus. It also celebrates your generosity. The video makes it clear that now, more than ever, the world needs Texas. I hope it’s yet another reason for you to take pride in your university. Share it with your friends.

Campaign for Texas video

Thanks for watching, and for your continued support of UT.

Hook ’em Horns,

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