Let’s make history, together.



It’s time for some straight talk. Today, we open the final chapter of this great undertaking we call the Campaign for Texas. We have one year left in an eight-year fundraising campaign, and we have reached 75 percent of our goal. It doesn’t take a UT mathematician to figure out that it’s crunch time.

Seven years ago, when my team and I set the goal at $3 billion, we knew we were taking a risk. But I also knew something else — that we’re Longhorns, and that Longhorns are a different breed. I knew that the bond between UT alumni and their alma mater is powerful — that alumni and friends have risen to meet one audacious challenge after another and have done whatever it took to keep this a university of the first class. I believed then — and I absolutely believe now — that we can do this, and that we will.

I can say it no more plainly: UT needs you, and it needs you now.

If you have given before, thank you, and please give again. If you haven’t given yet, join the team and be a part of this historic effort. Please watch this short video (that is sure to bring back a happy memory), then go to http://giving.utexas.edu/homestretch/ and make a gift today.

I know we can do this. Let’s make history, together.

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