Congratulations, December graduates!



I want to congratulate the 3,100 Longhorns who will graduate this weekend during winter commencement ceremonies in our colleges and schools — and to welcome their families and friends to the campus.

As you head out to make your mark upon the world, remember the skills and ideals you learned as a UT student, get involved in the continuing life of the University through the Texas Exes and through your college’s or school’s advisory councils, and come back often. UT will always be your home.

Again, congratulations, and wherever life takes you, hold your horns high!

Coach Brown has my full support

Now that the Longhorn football team has finished its regular season, there has been an increase in media speculation about Coach Mack Brown’s future. I’d like to state unequivocally that Coach Brown has my full...

UT's Inventors of the Year

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Grant Willson and S.V. Sreenivasan"][/caption] It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention. If so, then surely education is the father. When the two come together in a place like...


  1. Henry G Rodriguez says:

    Very disappointed in your decision to retain Mack Brown. If we are not willing to be the best then we ought to drop the slogan, “We’re Texas”. Mack Brown will continue to get slaughtered by Oklahoma and Kansas State. This program is going down and the UT football fans are fed up with his excuses. There are too many young coaches out there that can coach football. You must be fooling yourself if you think Mack Brown can coach. Mack Brown would be a great President of the University but the football coach not a chance. Very Upset and Disappointed. In the real world of business the whole school administration would be fired.