Jefferson Scholars Program a great framework for undergraduates


There are many paths to a bachelor’s degree at UT, but one of the most satisfying surely is our Jefferson Scholars Program. This program sharpens students by making them grapple with the greatest thinkers in history. In the spirit of its namesake, students study the concept of liberty, learn what makes leaders great, and contemplate the meaning of life at the deepest levels.

The program is a six-course integrated sequence in great books and ideas of the ancient, medieval, and modern worlds. It features extensive discussion and writing and fulfills six core requirements. Jefferson Scholars study the classics of political and social thought, the Bible and its interpreters, and notions of freedom from antiquity through the American Revolution. They also study the U.S. Constitution and masterworks of world drama. Students who complete the sequence earn the Certificate in Core Texts and Ideas.

This program lays an outstanding foundation for lifelong learning and represents the university experience at its best. I congratulate co-directors Lorraine and Tom Pangle for integrating this important center into the life of the University.

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