Five Guiding Principles Going Forward with Blended and Online Education


For several years, UT Austin has been rapidly developing its capabilities in the field known as blended and online learning. We have now reached the point at which decisions must be made, and the new technology of education must be embraced and developed by a much wider circle of faculty members and campus leaders. Our students — native-users of technology — increasingly expect internet technology to play a part in all they do, including their education, and it is already enhancing the learning experience in profound ways.

But big questions face us in this new paradigm: Who will control the curriculum? How do we reward faculty for their work in online courses? What will this mean for academic standards? How do we get the most out of our efforts and share our expertise with like institutions? How do we make blended and online learning financially sustainable?

Today, I’m releasing a report that addresses some of these large questions, including the five principles that should guide us as we move forward in this world of new educational possibilities. You can read my report on this webpage.

I’m proud that our campus is full of pioneers in this important area. These are exciting times in education.

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