UT Austin Top 25 in World


Today, Times Higher Education, a London-based publication that is one of the top observers of higher education globally, named UT Austin the No. 25 university in the world. The publication stated:

“UT Austin’s impressive performance this year sees it enter the top 25 of the world’s best universities. Even more remarkably, this jump from 29 to 25 comes amidst an alarming sector-wide decline for the U.S., with 51 institutions falling down the table in the face of mounting competition from heavy-spending Asian nations. UT Austin is one of a minority of American universities resilient to the challenge posed by the East in 2012, and it is rightly rewarded with a place in the world’s top 25.”

In case you missed it, that’s best in the world, not just the United States, and it’s “universities,” not “public universities.” And when we consider that we are keeping company with universities that are hundreds of years old, and schools with private endowments and public funding that dwarfs ours, we have that much more to be proud of.

Times Higher Education uses 13 separate performance indicators in five categories to examine a university’s strengths in all of its core missions — teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and international outlook. Here is how we scored (out of 100) in each of those five categories:

  • Teaching – 75.5
  • Research – 80.7
  • Citations – 91.0
  • Industry Income – 57.9
  • International Outlook – 42.1

These combine to give us an overall score of 78.8.

If we can make the world’s top 25 with the relatively low funding we have now, imagine what we could do with a robust and sustained commitment. I’m prouder of UT every day.

What starts here changes the world.

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  1. Great news – hook ’em!

  2. Barbara Chisholm Faires says:

    So very delighted and proud of this recognition. Excellence is what UT stands for and to be the leading university in the country and the world must remain the priority. Going backwards from “cadillac” to “bel air” is not the direction to head-here’s to investment and support for the University.

  3. This is an incredible and well deserved honor. I’m proud to be a Longhorn alumni.

  4. C. Roland Haden, Ph.D.-'65 says:

    Well done! You and your leadership have been a large part of this.
    Roland Haden

  5. Hard work, dedication and caring pay off. UT commitment to excellence shows. I am proud my son attended UT from the Northeast and has made Austin his home. Congratulations UT. “what starts here changes the world”

  6. Is this for 2013? The 2012 is still showing UT at 29th place.

  7. Mike Espinosa says:

    Bill, I am glad to see that what we have started at UT is changing the world. Moving up in this pretigious ranking is a great accomplishment. I hope that what was presented by the Commission of 125 has made a difference, and that it is the basis for moving UT-Austin forward.

  8. Pat White says:

    Unfortunately, I didn’t go to Texas, but my two so s and 4 granddaughters did. I am a huge fan of UT. this news is great.

  9. Shanna Hurt says:

    Proud day to be a Longhorn!

  10. Actually, Times Higher Education ranked UT as the 25th best university in North America, not the whole world.

  11. Please clarify the following two comments from this blog:

    1) “And when we consider that we are keeping company with universities … and schools with private endowments and public funding that dwarfs ours”
    –I thought UTIMCO managed endowments for UT that dwarf most other schools/universities. Not the otehr way around. In fact, I thought only Yale, Harvard, Princeton and maybe Stanford had larger endowments.

    2) “If we can make the world’s top 25 with the relatively low funding we have now…”
    –Please quantify how our funding is low in comparison to other schools.

    Thank you in advance for your response.

  12. Thank you, President Powers!!!

    And to hell with you, Governor Perry.

  13. Congrats!! So proud of President Powers and the wonderful group of leaders at UT!